Welcome to Knight Griffin.


Since 2003, we at Knight Griffin have grown to specialise in a range of professional corporate training and consulting services to help our clients maximise shareholder value through a stronger more skilled workforce, better systems, methods and processes and the definitive measurement and control of Return On Investment (ROI) at every level.


We manage and operate the Business Evaluation Centre, where we provide comprehensive management and executive training as well as consulting. As official partner of the ROI Institute, as well as Registered Education Provider of the Project Management Institute, we transfer Return On Investment (ROI) skills and globally recognised certifications to Singapore, Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region.


We manage and operate SofaStudy, a cloud-based project management training solution that uses adaptive learning to get project managers to professional examination standard.


And as Knight Griffin, we act as a special vehicle to work with our clients on activities such as large-scale change management, commercial dispute resolution, company mergers and acquisitions and other extraordinary tasks.


With our decades of business and operational experience, we can take a fresh look from the outside, tell you what you don’t already know and help you to fix it.


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